11/06/2017 / By Martin Mavis

Top Democrats are now openly admitting that the DNC rigged the election for Hillary Clinton. The real collusion in the

11/01/2017 / By Martin Mavis

Hillary Clinton and other high officials of the Obama administration could be facing prison time over the Uranium One collusion

10/30/2017 / By Martin Mavis

Read the story covering the full timeline of corruption: Podcast Transcript: “A stunning series of revelations are now unveiling the truth

10/27/2017 / By Martin Mavis

Here’s the real reason why nearly every institution in America is now steeped in corruption and evil. Podcast Transcript: “You’re

10/05/2017 / By Martin Mavis

Were you aware the FBI routinely plots mass shooting, bombings and acts of terrorism on U.S. soil? Few Americans are

08/30/2017 / By Martin Mavis

The Health Ranger explains why Google’s extreme censorship of political speech combined with the intolerant Left’s rejection of the election

08/10/2017 / By Mike Adams

The American Diabetes Association is a total fraud. The group exists to promote diabetes, not eliminate it, and proof of

07/30/2017 / By Martin Mavis

The Health Ranger explains that the corrupt establishment is literally AT WAR with We the People. Here’s where it goes

07/18/2017 / By Martin Mavis

The left-wing media has become a total joke to every rational person, achieving new highs of total HYSTERIA in reporting

07/13/2017 / By Martin Mavis

There’s now now question that Seth Rich was murdered for leaking DNC emails to Wikileaks. Rich becomes yet another casualty