“Disease X” Just a Cover Story for a DEPOPULATION Bioweapon (Video)

Monday, March 19, 2018 by

The hype surrounding “Disease X” may actually be a cover story for a depopulation bioweapon that’s about to be released.

Podcast Transcript: “OK, get a load of this. Scientists are warning now – and you are hearing this all across the mainstream media and I think even the World Health Organization – they are warning about so-called ‘Disease X.’ They say ‘Disease X’ is going to wipe out the human race and that all of the conditions are right they say. A perfect storm for an infectious disease wipe out that’s going to destroy humanity, but they don’t know what disease it is yet. So, they are calling it ‘Disease X.’ You know what this sounds like to me? This sounds like a cover story for the release of a bio weapon, that maybe is already called ‘Disease X.’ You’ve got to understand… Let me back up here. If you go back to the 1700s, the 1800s and even the first half of the 1900s. Government’s needed more people in order to expand their tax farms. They needed more people to expand into different regions, geographic areas, they needed more people to build bigger cities, they needed more people to run the factories and more people to engage in farming activities. All of these activities were taxed and exploited by the governments. You know governments’ of the world really run tax farms. The bigger the economies that they rule over, the more power that those governments have. For all time, up until recently, governments needed more and more people…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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“Disease X” just a cover story for a DEPOPULATION bioweapon from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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