Why Democrats Think MEN Are PIGS (Video)

Thursday, November 02, 2017 by

The reason Democrat women think men are pigs is because so many left-wing men really ARE pigs!

Podcast Transcript: “I finally figured out why so many progressive women think men are pigs. The answer is, because so many of the men who are also on the Left are pigs. Look at Harvey Weinstein. There’s another classic example look at Bill Clinton. Look at Bill Cosby. Look at Anthony Weiner. And you know what’s amazing about all of this? The Left always excuses the behavior of these men… They can rape women, they can sexually abuse and assault women, they can grope women, but as long as they are pro-abortion, pro-gun control, give money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and all these other things they are excused and it’s all covered up. These women continue to be abused day after day by these pig Democrat men. The New York Times even covers it up like they did with Weinstein. They buried a story in 2004 about him. How many Democrats in Hollywood have covered up for Harvey Weinstein and people like him? This is an epidemic across the Left and the same Left-wing media that will just go after any Conservative that’s even accused of this – like Clarence Thomas. You know justice Clarence Thomas for God’s sake – look at that example. They won’t say a thing, not a thing about Harvey Weinstein or people like that. They’ll cover it up for years or decades. Late night comedians won’t cover it, Saturday Night Live won’t cover it. Why? Because they want you to think that the Left loves women and conservatives are anti-women…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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Why Democrats think MEN are PIGS from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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