Why You Should Read VACCINES.News (Video)

Wednesday, November 01, 2017 by

If you care about your children or grandchildren, you need to be reading Vaccines.news. Here’s why…

Podcast Transcript: “If you’re not yet reading Vaccines.news, definitely add this to your list of sites to check out. We are publishing groundbreaking investigative articles there about vaccine science that shows the dangers and risks of vaccines that the mainstream media of course absolutely refuses to cover. There is a massive organized cover-up when it comes to vaccines. The narrative of the mainstream media, the CDC and doctors for that matter – who are scientifically illiterate when it comes to immunization by the way – is that vaccines have no risks whatsoever. That they never harm any children and that they’re a hundred percent effective. The truth is so far from that it is the flip side of it. I mean it’s the opposite. Vaccines harm thousands of children every year and they kill probably at least 1,400 children a year, according to government statistics – just in the United States. Vaccines have risks because they have toxic ingredients. They contain mercury, they contain aluminum, formaldehyde – which is a neurotoxin and other chemicals adjuvants that are added to vaccines to make them cause a more inflammatory response… Any medical intervention that penetrates the body, goes through the skin and goes into the tissues will have risks associated with it and that includes vaccines – so, of course it has risks. And the effectiveness of vaccines is largely a joke…” Listen to the full podcast below:

Also check out Medicine.news

Why you should read VACCINES.news from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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