The Public Astonished to Discover This PROOF of a Second Las Vegas Shooter (Video)

Monday, October 16, 2017 by

People who are seeing the Health Ranger’s “Forensic Acoustic Analysis” video are astonished to learn that sound files can be used to determine the distance of shooters.

Analysis of the Las Vegas video recordings discovers that a SECOND SHOOTER was also present.

Podcast Transcript: “Feedback is already starting to roll in from my forensic acoustics analysis video of the Las Vegas shooting – which identifies the existence of, and the range of, a second shooter. I’ve got to tell you it’s fascinating. People are truly intrigued by this. They had no idea that you could extract range information from an analysis of the acoustics of gun fire. In that video, if you haven’t seen it yet you’ve got to see this… It’s already starting to go viral across the independent media. It’s on and also on It shows you the math behind how you can analyze the… well, it has to do with the speed of sound versus the speed of the bullets themselves and their flight time to a specific range. Bullets fly a lot faster than the speed of sound when you are talking about rifle bullets – a 223 Remington in particular. Anyways, you can use that difference and you can analyze the frequency spectrum of the sounds of rifle rounds hitting the pavement versus the report from the rifle barrel. You can analyze the gap between those two and use that to extrapolate the range of the shooter from your present position…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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The public astonished to discover this PROOF of a second Las Vegas shooter from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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