Biblical Prophecy: Convergence Movie Review (Video)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 by

The Health Ranger offers commentary on the Biblical prophecy film “Convergence,” which documents the accuracy of Biblical prophecy and its predictions of the “end times.”

Podcast Transcript: “A friend invited me to watch this Biblical prophecy documentary called “Convergence” and so I watched it. I was really shocked, because what this documentary revealed was so many things that are happening today that I’ve independently observed and come to similar conclusions on – from a completely different point of view. I’m not a bible scholar obviously. I don’t quote the scripture. That’s not the focus of my work. Although, it is interesting that my great-grandfather was a pastor and he had a congregation. He was in fact a well-known pastor in the region in which he operated. My grandfather of course was a very religious person as you might expect, being the son of a pastor. He always encouraged me to read the Bible and look at Scripture and read certain sections and so on. He would point out certain sections to me when I was young. But he passed away when I was pretty young. So, from that point on I never really studied the Bible or anything, but I’ve come to so many of these similar conclusions through independent observation…” Listen to the full podcast below:


Biblical Prophecy: Convergence movie review from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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