Americans Are Totally UNPREPARED for Emergencies or Disasters (Video)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 by

As the Health Ranger explains, a shocking number of Americans who live in cities are totally unprepared for any disruptions, disasters or emergencies. This makes them extremely dangerous in a collapse, turning cities into “death zones.”

The solution? Get out of the cities before the collapse, or fake the desperation of the unprepared masses.

Podcast Transcript: “The theme of today’s podcast is about the lack of preparedness of everybody else and what that means to you. I’ve got some new information to bring to you today on this. As you know, just a little background on this… By the way, thank you for joining me. Mike Adams the Health Ranger here. Listen to more of my podcasts at The background for all of this… Of course we’re headed into a major global systemic debt collapse – which is going to bring down the stock market, real estate prices, some cities will plunge 60% – like maybe San Francisco or Toronto for example, Sydney, places like that, Rio… Look for a 50 to 60% plunge…”Listen to the full podcast below:

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Americans are totally UNPREPARED for emergencies or disasters from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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